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Tip 1: treat your hair like you want to be treated!

Lets face it we want respect, but so does our hair. Dull or dry hair is never a pretty sight to see.

Over time using heated tools or using wrong products can cause damage to the hair. Our hair looks and feels dry and dull when the cuticle of the hair is open. The cuticle of the hair can open by being damaged by heat or neglecting it by using the wrong products. In order to reverse this effect its time to look at whats in your arsenal of hair products. Lets start with shampoo. I know every stylist has told you that you need to use their shampoo that they sell. Although this is not true all of the time as each salon uses different products, stylist say this for a good reason. Cheaper brands of shampoo contain non water soluble silicons. If you were wondering what that means well simply put, by washing your hair that contains this type of silicone you are insuring that it is never rinsed off with water. Water cannot remove it nor can any regular shampoo. At this point you are most likely saying why is it such a big deal Eventually this silicon builds up coating the hair and blocking any nutrients from getting into the hair. This will cause the hair to dry out and eventually break or be brittle. So that $4.00 shampoo at the pharmacy don't ever buy that again. If you have been using these shampoos for a long time go visit your stylist to do a clarifying shampoo 3 to 4 washes will remove all build up and your hair will be ready to accept all the love you are now ready to give it! But wait the most common thing I hear from clients is that they use professional shampoo. Which is great but did you know most clients are over paying for these professional brands when bought outside of their local hair salon? See big box stores or discounts stores or any store that's not a hair salon or beauty supplier is not allowed to purchase professional products for resale by the products distributor. These store get these products by clearing out old stock from willing beauty salons or third party companies that focus on buying old stock from beauty salons. So far you are probably thinking well it came from a salon so its good. Couldn't be more wrong my friends! The average life span of products are 2 years from the date of packaging. After that the Ph of the product starts to get lower therefore making the product more acidic. your hair naturally is between 5 and 5.5Ph. Professional shampoos stay within this rage in order to keep the hair healthy. When the product expires and the Ph drops below 5 it will start to dry out and damage your hair. So the only way a stylist can promise that you are getting good product that is in good condition is by buying it through them. Price; well that's another story, in the chain of product purchasing your salon is the third party and you are the fourth party (client). At the big box stores they are the fourth party and they are providing sales to you the client who is now the fifth party. Where am I going with this you ask? Every time a product changes hands it gets more expensive. Everyone needs to turn a profit and nothing is free. By supporting a big box store that sells professional products the only person that ends up being a loser is the client. Your stylist is not cheating you out of a couple of dollars they are actually helping you save money in the long run.

Styling Products: I'll keep this one short and sweet for you guys. If you know buying cheap shampoo or buying expired shampoo isn't good, then you guessed it the same applies for styling products. I know your saying but I love my "no name brand" mousse or heat protector. I ask you this, if you don't trust the cheap shampoos and conditioners why are you trusting their styling products.

Remember what I said about treating your hair the way you want to be treated? No one wants to be treated badly or without respect! So do the sensible thing and respect your hair like how you respect yourself and listen to the suggestions your stylist make. Because at the end of the day your hair is their passion and they want the best for you!

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